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Familiar Dark
US | Metalcore
The Wolves Among Us
Far From Refuge
UK | Prog Metal
Far From Refuge EP
Fate Of Faith
Swiss | Heavy Metal
Black Heaven
Final Coil
UK | Post/Alt. Rock
The World We Left Behind For Others
Five Minute Hate
Italy | Death/Metalcore
A New Death
Five Ways To Nowhere
Italy | Hard Rock
Bite Hard
Norway | Black Metal
Heksedreper EP
Norway | Black Metal
Forgery System
Italy | Groove/Metalcore
Demons Among
Fractured Planet
UK | Prog Metal
Double A Single
From Hell
USA | Thrash Death
Lilium Single
Italy | Prog Metal
Act 3
Ghosts in the Sky
Unknown | Extreme Metal
Supreme Existence.....
Norway | Black Metal
Hymner till döden
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