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My Kingdom Music & Metal 1on1 is proud to present

an Occult dark metal, with their seventh full-length

release << Seven – The Pact of Debauchery >>

FFO: Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Paul Chain,

Bloody Hammers, Type Of Negative, The Sisters Of

Mercy, Bauhaus, Death SS, Goblin (Italy), Fields Of The



Band: Ecnephias

Home: Italy (Potenza, Basilicata)

Style: Dark Mediterranean Metal

Title: Seven – The Pact of Debauchery

Type: Full-length

Release: 20th March 2020

Runtime: 45:55

Label: My Kingdom Music

Artwork: Luciana Nedelea

𝕾𝖎𝖓 𝖑: 𝕲𝖚𝖎𝖙𝖆𝖗 & 𝕭𝖆𝖘𝖘: Clean and sharp (melodies/rhythms) Gothic riffage, tearing into clean melodic solos & passages, with use of synthesizers to create a harmonious melody

𝕾𝖎𝖓 𝖑𝖑: 𝖁𝖔𝖈𝖆𝖑𝖘: Mixture of growling/clean & chanting vocals with a dark harmony & darkwave tone

𝕾𝖎𝖓 𝖑𝖑𝖑: 𝕯𝖗𝖚𝖒𝖘: Slow/clean epic rhythm beats, with warm melodic percussion

𝕾𝖎𝖓 𝖑𝖁: 𝕺𝖛𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖑𝖑: Once hitting that play button, you are welcome to a spacey/eerie keyboard opening, that sends shivers down your back and gives you goosebumps, then the clean riffage rips through the keyboard melodies, to provide you with one sweet dark poetic music


Ecnephias is of astonishing of beautiful work creating long and elegant songs, After hearing this album (don't skip any tracks), you think to yourself, wow, this is, not just a good album, this is a brilliant album, carefully – musically put together.


Creeping atmospheres and passionate melodies, productive of influences going from dark Gothic to extreme and Melodic Metal of bands such as Paradise Lost, Moonspell, Rotting Christ, Type O Negative, while carrying an excellent, keyboard, drum playing & vocal range, that breathes life & fire within the songs & music


For me, this a must-play for any fans who love/have a passion for Gothic/dark (yet melancholic) poetic music, with lyrical themes on Occultism, Paganism, Poetry, Darkness, Medieval witchcraft

*Dark & Enchanting*

*entertaining* * a real haunting experience* *thoroughly enjoyment*


dark metal music


Suspiria de Profundis

𝕾𝖎𝖓 𝖁: 𝕬𝖗𝖙𝖜𝖔𝖗𝖐: Haunting in its own way, what I can make (this is one of these pictures, makes your mind see what you want to see?).  for me: I see two dark silhouettes, in a cave and making a pact with the devil?

𝕾𝖎𝖓 𝖁𝖑: 𝕺𝖚𝖙𝖘𝖙𝖆𝖓𝖉𝖎𝖓𝖌: Where do I begin

𝕾𝖎𝖓 𝖁𝖑𝖑: 𝕯𝖎𝖘𝖑𝖎𝖐𝖊: none.


Mancan (vocals & bass)

Demil (drums, percussion)

Nikko (guitar, keyboards)


#01. Without Lies (05:28)

#02. The Night of the Witch (05:26)

#03. Vampiri (05:03)

#04. Tenebra Shirts (04:20)

#05. The Dark (04:28)

#06. Run (05:14)

#07. The Clown (05:04)

#08. Il divoratore (06:35)

#09. Rosa mistica (04:17)


Dominium Noctis (2007)

Haereticus EP (2008)

Ways of Descention (2010)

Inferno (2011)

Necrogod (2013)

Ecnephias (2015)

The Sad Wonder of the Sun (2017)

Seven - The Pact of Debauchery (2020)

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