>> What is Metal 1on1: Metal 1on1 is an online & Facebook reviewing project, which started back in 2018, where I review bands/artists from all over the globe.

>> Why Metal 1on1: I’m here to help, metal 1on1 can’t make you the next Iron Maiden, but just to review your music and get it out to the public.

>> I also care about your music, Here at Metal 1on1, your music shall not be pushed into any big/major record labels (i.e. Nuclear Blast Records etc.)

>> Metal 1on1 understands that most bands/artists wish to remain unsigned, independent, or find a small label to publish their music.

>> Also Metal 1on1 works alongside with other reviewers, podcast’s and/or promotions or basically work on my own.

>> If you have a band or you are a one-person band and wish you be reviewed by Metal 1on1, I take on the fallow:

  • You’re unsigned/Independent

  • On a small label

  • A debut band

  • Extra talk-time/get your music out there

>> Time Period​

  • I try to keep my review year from 2019 - onwards. 

  • I understand, bands/artists split up or hiatus; end up making come back or rerelease an album or two

  • E.g. If your group/solo artist formed in 2003, release a debut that same year, then went on hiatus/split. Made a comeback & rerelease your debut release in 2019 or made a come back in 2019, but want to me to review your 2003 debut release. Then I happy to do so

  • If you do have a release out already, the album as the release year from 2000 - present year, please don't hesitate to email me

>> Metal 1on accepts form the following

  • Full-lengths

  • Singles or double-A releases

  • EP’s

  • Split EP

  • Preview songs, taken from a new release

>> What music style/genres I accept:

  • I accept any kind of heavy metal and hard rock style/sub-style

  • I.e: Black, Doom, Thrash, Groove, Speed, Death, Alternative, Hard Rock, Prog Metal/Rock, Punk, Grind/Noise,  Dungeon Synth, Ambient/Atmospheric etc.

>> Music styles I don't accept:

  • Unblack / Christian Black Metal

  • White / Christian Metal

  • National Socialism Black Metal  (NSBM) / extreme right-wing groups

  • Porngrind / Goregrind

>> The Metal 1on1 (Seven Sins) format

Metal 1on1 reviews are different from any other reviewers, where most reviewers talk about the whole music, not at Metal 1on1, At Metal 1on1, the reviews are broken down into seven parts (known as the ‘Seven Sin’s) This makes the reviews more simplicity for people with/without learning disabilities and from other countries.

Also, this gives each band member a shine, their own little talk time in the review as well!

The Seven Sins:

                01: Guitar & Bass

                02: Vocals

                03: Drums

                04: Overall

                05: Artwork

                06: Likes

                07: Dislikes

                If you have keyboards, extra drums, turn-tables etc, these are talked about in part one or part four.

>> Last part: Metal 1on1 will publish a written review, right here on the Metal 1on1 webzine. Then that review shall be posted on the Metal 1on1's own Facebook page and each band/artist will get a personalised postcard, posted on Instagram

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