Band: Infinitas

Home: Switzerland

Genre: Folk Heavy Metal

Album: Civitas Interitus (2017)

fans for: Symphonic Power Metal, Rhapsody of Fire, Blackmore’s Night, & Melodic Power Metal



Swiss folk heavy metal band, within their artwork covers, is a visual version of the music, which is, a medieval world, which demons rule over good & evil... When you hear this album for the first time, you are welcome with church bells ringing - epic (talking) story opening, angel mystical vocals, beautiful violin playing - intro


The music is chaotic, fast and hard-hitting mixed with mid-hitting drumming  >>> epic & folk instrumentation (that is beautiful) music that fussed with melodic/powerful heavy (thrash) riffs, along with beautiful: demon versus angel vocals : ie: with harsh (devilish) female vocals & operatic (angel) female vocals - with additional male backing vocals.

>> violin infusion-tion with heavy metal with added folk mediation and melodic music that is a balance between epic, brutal & magical music <<


some songs have an aggressive vibe - that is enchanting

The last three tracks, for me standout, has this folktale of a heavy metal concept feel, for the lister to sit and/or dance over an open log fire with jugs of mead...


🔥 This band mixes folk music & melodic heavy metal music

🔥 Guitar solos & violin solos

🔥 so full of life in this music --- but yet sorrow & epic/poetic - climaxing/moving >>> Energetic and yet so powerful 🔥


Self-Destruction (EP) (2015) 

Civitas Interitus (2017) 

Skylla (EP) (2018) 


Pirmin Betschart - drums, vocals

Selv Martone - guitars

Andrea Böll - vocals

Pauli - bass

Irina Melnikova - violin, vocals

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