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a one-person act, with his second release

<< Into Dimensions Beyond the Utter Void >>

FFO: Black Sabbath, Sunn 0))), Colosseum (Fin), Forgotten 

Tomb, Fungoid Stream, Ahab, Drudkh


Band: Locus Requiescat

Home: Russia (Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai)

Style: Funeral Doom / Ambient

Title: Into Dimensions Beyond the Utter Void

Type: Full-length

Release: 12th October 2019

Runtime: 01:20:56

Label: Satanarsa Records / Raw Coffin Rec.

PR: GlobMetal Promotions

𝕾𝖎𝖓 𝖑: 𝕲𝖚𝖎𝖙𝖆𝖗 & 𝕭𝖆𝖘𝖘: Raging from; long (repetitive) slow tempo/down-tuned-heavy-distorted tones & riffs, with thick chord changes.

𝕾𝖎𝖓 𝖑𝖑: 𝖁𝖔𝖈𝖆𝖑𝖘: Raging from quiet whispering chanting vocals, slow-low deep growls & narration/spoken words

𝕾𝖎𝖓 𝖑𝖑𝖑: 𝕯𝖗𝖚𝖒𝖘: Slow, minimalist rhythm death beats

𝕾𝖎𝖓 𝖑𝖁: 𝕺𝖛𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖑𝖑: Locus Requiescat brings us a barren wasteland of slow & haunting music, that sends shivers down one's spine


Ilya Tutarov takes his music into doom is near-vortex of morbid & depressive experience, of five (very long) tracks, that will turn your mind into a mountain of madness, of over hour-long torture of depressive atmosphere, slowed tempos, heavy distorted tones/riffs (a tint of progressive/aggressive), with the added emphasis of ambient (different) moods/sounds & keyboards, to give the music a darker & morbid vibe


The complex spectrum of this music, nee to warn (not for the fated hearted) is a fusion of doom, funeral doom, drone metal & ambient music, put together very beautifully with lyrical themes on loneliness, despair & ethereal journeys.


I thoroughly enjoyed this release; If one loves their funeral doom, drone/ambient music, this is one for you.



*full of energy*

*entertaining* *very dark & powerful* *morbid, grim, dark & haunting*

Sorrows even until darkness


Doom & Ambient

𝕾𝖎𝖓 𝖁: 𝕬𝖗𝖙𝖜𝖔𝖗𝖐: What sits before us, a dark, isolated crypt and sitting their (could be the) crypt keeper? As this Lovecraftian feel to the artwork, with the music having this suspense, while the artwork gives it that extra suspense & morbidity

𝕾𝖎𝖓 𝖁𝖑: 𝕺𝖚𝖙𝖘𝖙𝖆𝖓𝖉𝖎𝖓𝖌: The whole album; the music & artwork

𝕾𝖎𝖓 𝖁𝖑𝖑: 𝕯𝖎𝖘𝖑𝖎𝖐𝖊: none


Ilya Tutarov (everything)



#01. The Barren Lands of Plague (06:00)

#02. Ambulavero in Valle Mortis (18:48)

#03. Consolations of Eternity (20:42)

#04. Quinta Essentia Pulvis (26:45)

#05. Undressed (Tiamat cover) (08:41)


A Dark Journey (2011)

Into Dimensions Beyond The Utter Void (2019)

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