Band: Nervosa

Home: Brazil (São Paulo)

Genre(s): Brazilian Thrash Metal

Album(s): Symbolic Voices (2019)

fans for: old Metallica, Slayer, German/Brazil thrash metal

Label: Napalm Records



A Brazilian trio-female [Fernanda Lira bass, vocals, Prika Amaral guitars, back vocals, & Luana Dametto drums] thrash metal band, that takes you in back-in-time, with their attitude & vicious style of slayer & German thrash metal with lyrics focus on social problems in Brazil such as corruption and politics...

With two albums seeking blood: Victim of Yourself [2014], & Agony [2016] that are worth a checkout and definitely a listen too!!!! if you love your thrash metal, that is raw, fresh, old, with a kick, and full of hate, angry & energy, this is a band to check out!!!


This review is on their latest album “Downfall of Mankind” (2018) with 14 tracks, over 45 minutes of sick, brutal -- with a death undertone, (hint of melodic solos) guitar riffs with snarling / rough brutal vocals, mixed between thrash/death growls & black metal shrieks, while playing a thick raunchy bass line ---- thundering thrash arrangements well balanced and will grab you by the throat!!!!

Thundering drumming & brutal blast-beats --- hard hitting fast & sick drumming



with heavy, fast, sick and in your face thrash metal, fist-pumping and powerful, and for sure, the music as the old-school vibe >>> bone shattering metal --- mosh pit anthem and brutal to the core with raw aggression !!!

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