Band: Promethean Misery

Home: Austalia

Genre: Atmospheric/Melodic Doom

Album: Tied Up With Strings (2018)

fans for: early Black Sabbath, Cathedral, Dark Sanctuary



Promethean Misery is one woman  atmospheric/melodic Doom metal act with lyrics on depression, loss & pain

each track as a different feel/or element(s)... going through a Nightmarish trip-ish journey >>> the feels are/can be melodic & dark atmosphere --- doom, gloom, melodies, cold, deep dark riffs, slow eerie, creepy tone to the music with distorted, fuzzy riffs (of early Sabbath days), her vocals are haunting, that is sad but yet soothing [and gorgeous, poetic]


Also with this album, there is this neoclassical, morbid funeral/melodic doom feel --- yet --- beautiful fairy tale of music masterpiece !!! >>> with the use of piano, voice, violin, percussion, and other orchestral and distorted elements, this album is one nightmare to lister too...



Ghost (2017)

Tied up with strings (2018)

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