Band: Resurgence

Home: Austalia (Coffs Harbour)

Genre: Hard Rock / Metal with a punk attitude

Album: Voices  (2019)

fans for: Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal & Punk Rock



A band coming from Australia and that, don't sound like a rip off version of AC/DC, but a fusion of hard rock that captures the pure energy and emotions, either being about the rise and fall of Punk or dealing with depression & anxiety


with melodic, catchy, punchy and raunchy riffs & beats, with classic rock & metal drumming with plenty of melodies & rhythm while embracing clean (shouting) vocals mixed with (kind loud) aggression - the power of punk... >>> the album is full of pure energy and aggression --- fused with that punk attitude, plenty of down - under melodies and solid bass lines

This album is a big variety of sounds / each track as a different sound to them... and balanced and written (solid, thick, tracks meld together nicely) so beautifully

enjoyable fun rocking & beautiful album & songs, that is full of hard rock & metal wrapped under a blanket of dirty punk/post-punk >>> mixture slow & fast songs, that will have you non-stopping rock n rolling all night long, with additional lush melodic solo riffs


This album is on fire!!!

An afternoon drink album

Track after track - is a soundtrack while driving through a  desolate wasteland

>> with each track, that seems to tell a story and/or the album tells a story >> << and also noted, that each track as an element of its own  

Sorry for no album or band photos: with the band's drummer leaving the project and having no pictures of the album artwork (soon as the information is available, I shall update this section


Giovani Demasi -Bass
Jason Mowle - Guitar
? - Drums
Vincent Chaber - Guitar
Joshua Ratcliff - Vocals

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