Band: Sober Truth

Home: Germany (Siegburg)

Genre: Progressive Groove Metal

Album: Psychosis  (2019)

Fans of: Progressive Rock / Metal, Groove Metal, & Thrash Metal



A German four-piece band, that as full-on aggressive groovy --- solid riffing & powerful drumming, with harsh vocals with an industrial German tone


with fast, heavy and along with progressive passages and solid bass riffs >>> additional bass solos tossed in [loud & in your face] with mid - frantic drumming, full of energy music >>> that is harsh & hard ---- with a dark tone to it...  the drumming/music 💀 has a military/death march feel to it 💀 has a reparative/complex/ technical melodic / melodies & riffs added to the mix !!!


!!! balance - with an epic feel >>> fast progressive/technical guitar solos !!!

noted that this album is fresh, new & old - grand chaotic vibe - while embracing the melodic brutality & progressive and even instrumental insert, even the songs as a different opening, feel and/or element to each song


Riven (2008)   

Outta Hell (2010)

Locust Lunatic Asylum (2017)

Psychosis (2019)


Marvin Creek: Guitars

Torsten Schramm: Vocals, Guitars 

Samir Al-Baw: Drums

Jules RoCkwell: Bass

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